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Honest, Efficient, Dependable

"Shelia is honest and dependable. She cleans our office very efficiently and in a timely manner. I would strongly encourage anyone to hire her for their cleaning needs."

K. Leis,

Fish & Wildlife Commission

Reliable and Highly Recommended

We elected to get rid of our vacation condo manager. Sheila came to us highly recommended by our condo maintenance man. Because we are managing our condo from another city reliability and dependability are prequisites. Sheila proved that she met both criteria.

Jim Kirby

Everything So Clean

Ms. Holley, Good afternoon. Thank you for the great job that you did over the weekend. It was so nice to come into the facility on Monday morning and see everything so clean. Thank you again for the wonderful job that you did this past weekend.


Shannon Aufdencamp

Administrative Secretary

Bay County Regional Juvenile Detention Center

Phone: (850) 872-4706 Ext. 134

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